Anyone taking pre req's at Medgar Evers College?


I am currently taking my pre requisites at Medgar Evers College. There is so little information here about this school. I would like to hear from other Medgar students. I am taking A&P I and English 2 right now. I work full time and have 3 children. I still have to take chemistry and A&P II. Then I can apply for the nursing program. I would also like to take and micro before I start the program. Can anyone shed some light on any of these classes and the program. The NLN is only given in spring so I need to have these classes completed by then

Thanks in advance.


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hey boohill I attend MEC as well. I completed everything except for micro and A&P II, You have plenty of time to complete the pre regs for fall 2012. Seeing your circumstance with your children i am not sure how many pre reqs u have completed but i can tell you that if you think strategically it can defiantly be done. Personally i feel that the classes are fair but that is depending on what professor you have. I really like the new building with the labs, it really makes me appreciate MEC. It definitely was confusing for me coming in as a freshman and i wish there was someone that told me a few things before i began .. for example

1) you can take up to 18 credits if you have financial aid

2) Dont take two science classes at the same time( unless you can handle it)

3 Science pre- reqs are thee most important classes if you want to be a nurse... Do what ever you have to do so you wont fail any of them b+ or higher.

4) you should try to attempt a 4.0 from your first semester ( it can be done and it would benefit you)

5) start to study for the NLN a year before the exam

i would recommend for you to take micro before taking the NLN. Basically the program runs like this most of the students in MEC are either going into nursing or education so there is defiantly allot of competition.

i highly doubt any thing lower than a 3.5 GPA will get it simply because there nursing program is tough and through your GPA it shows if you are a determined and a responsible student.

the second most important thing is the NLN exam. There is no high score to get in . basically they view the exam as a whole. Who ever got the highest score that is were the committee begins to narrow the list down.

I believe a decent GPA and a high NLN will get you into any cuny nursing program unlike hunter MEC asks for an interview. The interview is in the auditorium with everyone else and they ask you one or two questions, timed to answer them. Which is a great way for you to come dressed up and simply state your passion to pursue nursing.

all of the above i believe will get you into the program if you have any more qns PM and i ll be glad to answer. :)


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Thank you Cookie. I was beginning to think no one ever attended this school. Lol

My problem is that I only have science classes left to take. The summer semesters are not full semesters right? (I hope I'm wrong) I want to take classes this summer but don't think that I should take theses science classes in a condensed summer course. I will probably take A&P II in the fall. Which leaves micro and chemistry to be taken only in the summer if I want to take the NLN next spring. That is not going to work. I don't mind taking more than one class but I hear that it is not smart to take 2 science classes plus labs with my full time job.

Any suggestions?.....


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Yea I felt the same way too about MEC but that is why I love allnurses :).. Hmm it is tricky so you are taking anatomy one right now ?

Well these seem to be your options,

1) pass anatomy and take physiology this summer for the first half. The summer session is broken down into two sessions. Each one is one month. I recommend this one because you are given the opportunity to concentrate on the individual class for a month. You usually have lab in the morning and lecture right after. I took chem over the summer and I got a B plus. ( I had a terrible professor. Pm me on what professor I strongly recommend) in the second session take physiology. Again one month. I feel that in the summer the professors are not as hard on you. They are quiet fair. If I were you I will not make any plans this summer and get these two classes out of the way. Or at least for the first half take chemistry. I really recommend taking chem by itself. With this option you have a whole semester to worry about micro Fall2011.

Side note- you dont need physiology or microbiology to register and take the NLN for spring. You do need chem and anatomy.

2) Take chem or physiology in the summer and combine the one you did not take in the fall with microbiology.

3) Dont take a summer class and take physiology in the fall with chem (you absolutely need chem to take the Nln in the spring) take micro in spring 2012. You will be allowed to sit for the NLN but the disadvantage is the material you did not learn.

4) you can always wait for the year after. Take physiology fall2011 chem spring 2012 and micro 2012 in the meam time take classes required for your BSN degree.

Side note -buy the NLN prep book if you havent and start studying ASAP even if its a little in the train ride.

I know it is over whelming but it is not impossible. I wake up every morning excited to go to class,impress my professors and do the work. I believe in myself and I know I am working hard right now for a reason. Remember great things in life do not come easy just like things that you want are worth fighting for. Stay positive and I gurantee you that your dreams will fall into place.


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Thank you so much for the options. I know I can do this. :up:

Another question.. I'm taking anatomy and physiology I now. Are you saying that they have separate anatomy classes at Medgar from physiology and I can take anatomy II in the first part of the summer and physiology II in the second part? I was thinking about taking micro in the summer but thought it would be a lot to cram into these one month sessions since they have labs as well.

Im so confused :uhoh3: I will see an adviser before I register but I want to have a plan because I felt so rushed when I saw her before.

Thank you so much


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yes it seems confusing make sure you have all the questions written down before you see your advisor. It all depend what biology sequence you are taking. I am in the 251 route. 251 represents anatomy 252 physiology and 261 microbiology. i am not sure how the 150 sequence works. All i can say is if you are going to take a class in the summer it will be chemistry and physiology take chem in the first session and physiology (A&PII) in the second half. Than you have all semester to worry about microbiology.


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I think you guys have the Anatomy and Physiology confused. Anatomy and Physiology is a such a heavy course the it's separated into two sections A&P I and A&P II. Medgar has two sequences the 251 which is A&P I and A&P II which is 252. If you need more time to get a grip of the material you take the Bio 150 class which is the introduction into A&P and then you take 151 which is the equivalent to 251 and 152 the equivalent to 252. I went through a tough time taking these courses at Medgar.


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I also attend Mec. If u haven't taken sceince courses in a while I would suggest taking Bio 151 (B- or better). If you check your work sheet you will see what you need prior to taking the nln (which includes Psych 101, Eng 112 & 150, Mth 120, Chm 105 Bio 251 or 150 & 151). I would suggest you finish all pre nursing courses or as many as u can before taking the nln exam (take Physics 114 it would help when taking the exam).


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Has 1 years experience.

What is the cut off gpa



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Around 3.6 gpa. They dont like to see repeated courses.


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Around 3.6 gpa. They dont like to see repeated courses.

There isn't really a cut off GPA because I got in with a 3.4 GPA for Fall 2011 and I repeated A&P I after blowing it the first time & passed wit a B-. You're right they don't like to see repeated courses but if you repeat one of them it won't hurt your chances of getting in. It will only affect you if you repeat a class more than once or classes more than once then you might as well apply to another school. MEC looks at everything meaning GPA, NLN score, interview/math & eng test score on interview. I think they also look at your course load meaning if you did your pre-reqs while attending part time and you were struggling (all B's is struggling for MEC nursing) it won't look good for you compared to someone who attended full time and did better. They evaluate your overall performance to establish if you will be able to handle your clinicals. Also if you only finished the bare min of pre-reqs compared to someone who finished all their classes or most of them and only have to take their nur seq courses in clinicals they would most often choose the latter. There are a lot of people I took classes with who try cheat their way through some succeded but floped when it came to the NLN or the interview. MEC knows this and weeed them out hence the reason for their selection process. I've heard these same people talk trash when they don't get through or flunk out of clinicals. No doubt they make it hard on others but if you give it 100% you'll be fine. There is a reason 4.0's don't even make it into MEC's nur program. On our interview this year out of 160 people only about 60 made it to clinicals go figure. Some even did much better than I did on NLN's & A&P I & II.


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Im planning on attending medgar evers college to do nursing. I did not make it into the nursing program at another cuny college and i had a 3.3 average. I got A- in Psyc, B and B+ in Eng 1 and 2, B+ in Eng 102, C- in Chem, B in Math for nursing, B in Anatomy and physiology. I have not done A&P 2.

Anyone with advice who has attended Medgar Evers as to how I can get into the nursing program will be greatly appreciated or what courses to take or retake to bring up my GPA.

Do I have a chance at this?