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Anyone taking 2 or more Excelsior exams?


Hi Everyone,

I would like to hear from all that are taking 2 or more nursing exams.

What courses would you recommend taking together? Are you able

to defer your students loans if you register for 6 credits or more?

Thanks :up:

I took two tests on the same day the first time around. I took the first and the last (equivalent to nursing transitions). Financial aid questions are best asked of the financial aid people at the school. There are strict rules about getting federal loans and such from distance education programs.


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I'm studying for Health and Safety & Transitions now with the expectations of testing out the first week in Dec or sooner.Those two classes seem to study well together...lol. As for student loan deferments; when I called about mine I was told that I had to be enrolled as a student to qualify. So, call the loan company and find out first hand what your options are.

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I do not study two together...i like to focus all my time on one...but i take my exams about 2 wks or less apart....but thats just me! good luck!


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I just ordered my next set of notes from SG101, for Health Safety and Geronotology. I was thinking I would be able to take these 2 together since they are both kind of fundamentals based courses and then enroll by January so I can defer my student loans (they told me I would be OK if I took something like four courses every quarter?) How is Geronotology for those of you that have taken it? Do you think I will be OK to schedule both of these tests together?

Hi Beachie,

Can you inbox or email at nmceachin@hotmail.com. I am not on this sit too much and because I am unable to email people. I have some questions about the LPN to RN program at Excelsior. Thank you!