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anyone take the practice CEN test?

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Anyone take the practice CEN test before the real thing? Looking for thoughts on how realistic/predictive it is.

Pixie.RN, MSN, RN, EMT-P

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I did, and I felt the flavor of the actual CEN exam was very similar. My scores were even similar -- I scored 135 correct out of 150 on the practice exam, and 137 correct out of 150 on the real thing.


Specializes in Trauma, Tele, Neuro, Med-Surg.

Awesome scores! I took it today to identify my weak areas. I'm certified in another area, and the review for that seemed well-organized, but trying to prepare for the CEN, I'm having trouble organizing my review. I hoped this would help. If it's accurate, I think it willhelp. I got 115 right, and the ones I got wrong were either clearly misreading/misunderstanding the question, or they clearly indicated areas/conditions I was less familiar with (when will I EVER memorize those darn ABGs??) I had taken a practice test in the Lippincott review book and did poorly, so I didn't want to under-study if the practice exam online was a little light.

Boston-RN, RN

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I got the book of practice exams and just did those. (that was recommended by the ED CNS) and I didn't study anything else, just the rationals for the answers. I passed 2 days ago w/ 123/150. And yes I had 3 ABG questions.


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