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Anyone stay at the Extended Stay America in Oakland, CA for an assignment?


I'm guessing this is where I'll be housed for an upcoming assignment in Oakland, CA. Have not read one positive review of this hotel, and don't know anyone in the area/or want to deal with the hassle of finding my own housing for this assignment. Just curious if anyone has had the (dis)pleasure of staying here and how your experience was. Thanks!

Hello PICU, I stayed at an Extended Stay America in Oakland, CA about 8 years ago. It was on Mandela drive more in Emeryville than Oakland. Not bad, but I recall there were transients and Oakland natives that also stayed there. The surrounding area can be sketchy at night. I only stayed there as it was a quick drive to Kaiser. Hope this helps, good luck!

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I did an assignment at Kaiser Oakland and lived nearby (just over the border in Berkeley). If I'm not mistaken, that extended stay is right next to the freeway. That would rule it out for me. Lots of poor neighborhoods in Oakland, and that is one of them. But it is almost impossible not to live in a sketchy area, the homeless are everywhere. That particular location is in walking distance to a large multiplex cinema, an Apple store, and an Ikea. Of course, the walk to them is also adjacent to the freeway for perhaps half a mile.


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Have you considered Berkeley or Emeryville? Lots of places on Airbnb.

If you have to live there, a tip: the times I have spent some time living in extended stay type accommodations, I have asked for a quiet part of the property in the rear. The manager or desk personnel are usually willing to assist.


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I've used an extended stay for contracts a few times but only for a few nights up to two weeks. Usually while I scout out the area and locate a more permanent place I find acceptable. I stayed two weeks in one in Connecticut last year and almost went stir crazy. Those places usually attract undesirables, can be loud at times, living in a shoebox, etc.

Thanks for all the comments! I checked out AirBandB's in the area and none of them allow pets unfortunately. Guess it's going to be the extended stay. No worries though. I'm getting paid very well for this contract and can live anywhere for 13 weeks. Not planning on spending much time in the hotel anyway aside from sleeping!