Anyone starting University of South Alabama ENP Fall 2011


Hey, I am starting USA Fall 2011 for the ENP dual acute/family np program fall 2011 and looking for some cohorts. Anyone heard back after mailing in their packet? I can't seem to reach anyone at the school.


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Hey there

I am starting in Fall 2011 ENP program. I have only received two emails saying they are still processing our packets. Soooo, pretty much, no, I haven't heard anything. Have you talked to any previous/current students?? I asked the program director if there was a system set up to network and no such luck. It would be nice to know what books really needed, how many classes feasible per semester with working (I know that is somewhat relative to the student), etc. Hope all is well!



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thank you for your response Lisa. I haven't spoken with anyone familiar with the program. I haven't gotten any e-mails stating they were even processing the packets. Just an e-mail from financial aid. Can you tell me from who and when you received the messages?


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