Anyone in the Southwest Skill Center LPN program in AZ???


I'mstarting the LPN program on the 22nd of March and I have orientation on Monday. I'm super excited, but I want to know what other students think about it. I'm pregnant and due in June so I was wondering if the beginning is really stressful. I have great support at home I'm just wondering what it will be like. Also not looking forward to the white pants after the baby is born.


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Hi Mattison, i too start the program on the 22nd also!!!


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I did not go there but know people that did & yeah the beginning and the whole program is stressful. You hit the ground running and pretty much don't stop until the end. ( Like all Nursing Programs :))

Good luck with the baby as I know they decide to come whenever they want... did you make sure there was no penalty for time missed since SWSC is a clock based system? Even at Gateway where I went, they had very strict rules for time missed in the first semester, we could not miss more than 1 day or we'd have to start over the next semester.


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I can only miss a certain amount of days but I am due right before break so I'm hoping she can hold on a bit. I also plan on talking to my teachers about getting some hours and assignments done ahead of the week I'm due so that I won't fall behind.