Anyone snorkeled/swam with Manatees? How is Cocoa Beach?

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I'm leaving for Florida in 3 days ! Going to Daytona Beach and taking kids to Kennedy Space Center for 2-3 days. Is Cocoa Beach the best place to stay ? Any budget motels/hotels there? Any suggestions on what to see at KSC?

How about Chrystal River and Homosassa River/ wanta swim with the manatees....any suggestions or advice?? What to do - - where to stay?

thanks in advance,,,


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I live no where around FL. But I did stay in Cocoa Beach a few years ago. It's a beautiful place down there. You'll love Kennedy!! If you get a chance Universal was a fun place too. And make sure you visit the surf shops especially Ron Jon's. We went on our senior trip, and the prices of everything seemed very reasonable. If you decide to go you'll have a blast. But I'm sure others will give you better advice.


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Your kids will LOVE KSC. We visited a few years ago and I was afraid my wife would overwhelm me with yawns, but she loved it as much as I did.

We also stayed in Cocoa Beach right in front of Patrick AFB with the beach across the street. Can't remember the prices but it was really reasonable. Had planned on staying that evening for the shuttle launch, but it was delayed for a couple of days and we couldn't stick around.

If you havent been there before, I'd highly recommend a stop in St Augustine along the way. It's still one of Florida's best kept secrets. Quaint little town (one of the earliest settlements with the proclaimed Oldest Schoolhouse in America). There's so much to see and do with small streets of gift shops, museums, etc. Kids will get a kick out of running around the large Spanish fort that is the city's main attraction. Motels were really reasonable and beaches are over the bridge a few miles.

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