Anyone Recommend a good ICU dept in Houston, Tx

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Does anyone recommend a good ICU dept in Houston, Tx..

Has anyone heard if Memorial Hospital Health Care System has a good ICU dept at any of their branches?


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I've worked all of them, southwest, northwest, woodlands, and southeast.

Southwest has 4 - 8 bed ICU's......It is the best ......A large hospital with great ICU's....primary focus is coronary/cardiovascular surgeries...microvascular....bypasses etc.

Northeast is a big and beautiful hospital.....not as "advanced" as Southwest.

as far as their ICU is concerned.

Southeast....3rd largest of the group....nice location. across the highway from the NASA area..... but another hospital gets most of the NASA people...clear lake regional. A more rural area than Southwest or Northwest. Think the Clampetts, next generation... only 20 miles North of Galveston Island.....and the beach....

Southeast is not as advanced as Southwest either.

Woodlands is the smallest/newly acquired of the group, a relatively smallish

hospital....look up woodlands city of...on the net...a 40 year old "Planned Community" 40 miles north of Houston.

Southwest , I like the area....the fastest growing area in Texas in the 80"s and 90's.... lots of Filipina's , Indians- as in India, etc....multicultural area...flat as a pancake....lotsa of golf courses and country clubs/ think crowded burbs.....but very lovely burbs. I always liked Southwest the most. But Southeast was definitely the easiest...Northwest fairly easy too... PM me if you have questions...


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Blanco: What specialty are you looking for?

Passing Thru: Premier, by any chance? How about Memorial City?

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My mom lives in Houston and is an ICU nurse. She has worked at Herrman and is now at Methodist and LOVES it! Herrmann was horrible! She has been a nurse for a long time and I trust her opinion. She said the excitement never stops! Hope this helps!


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