anyone with any practice test question websites, please enter!!!


hello everyone. i am stuck in the middle of a snow storm with the day off. i have a med-surg final coming up in a couple of days and i have spent the entire weekend studying and doing the practice test questions on the disks that come along wiht and in the books. i also have a book called test success that i have been doing along with all of my classes along the way, so those questions are all completed. so my question is, does anyone have any websites with practice questions, preferbaly pertaining to med-surg, but even if not- critical thinking and nclex are great practice. i know the knowledge part, but when it comes down to these tests, i am not doing as well as i was last term. i have dropped down to the high 70's low 80's(although i did almost hit 90 on one test and i was so friggen happy!) from the mid 90's last term. practice is the only thing more i can do to prepare- i dont want to chance just getting by, becuase i may just not get by and failing out is not an option. id greatly appreciate any websites, tips, and maybe even what tyoes of things you may have focused on for your final in med-surg! thankyou in advance!

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