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I am in my second semester of pre-nursing at Three Rivers in Poplar Bluff MO. I would like to know if anyone has or is currently attending this college and can give me some information on how difficult it is to get in the RN program ( evening)...thanks in advance!

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Hi! Since your asking a regionally specific quesiton, I'll move this to the MO Nurses Forum we have here. Good luck!


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I'm in the day program now, I was highly worried when I went to take my entrance exam. If memory serves me right, there were about 190 people taking the test.........then they told us that they were only taking 30 people, and of those about 24 were in-district and 6 were going to be out of district. I was very worried and could hardly concentrate on the test. Fortunately I felt a little prepared due to I was. at that time, in my second semester of pre-nursing classes. The A&P and Micro classes were very helpfull to have prior to taking the test, and I'm sure it helped me score decent on the test......despite a sucky showing in the math section. However just getting in is only half the battle.........staying in is the other half of the battle. The grading scale tightens up a bit, the skills lab can be slightly nerve wrecking. We started with 30 and have lost at least 6 or so in 1+ semesters. Some students are in A&P and all those classes while in nursing.....and that is a heavy load. I don't know anything about the night program so I can't help you there. I just try to take it day by day, semester by semester and hope to finish. Also I bought one of those nursing exam books to practice prior to taking the test.........I opened it about a week before the test...............I wish I worked on it more before taking the test. Goodluck and work hard in the AP and Micro classes.

Thanks for the info. I have a 4.0 GPA and did well in math and doing well in chemistry so far so I hope I score high on the exam. So I guess even if I score very high on the entrance exam, an out of distric applicant will be selected over me, even they score lower? that just sounds wrong to me.:madface: Do you live in Dexter? I do, I grew up here and graduated in 1988.


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Sounds like your on a good track to do well and get in. I live in town, which i'm not sure if that is an advantage or not. The way I figured there are probably more people to compete with (score wise) in town, and like you said, there may be less people out of dist., but someone with a lesser score who lives out of district might get in over someone who missed the cut in dist. To be honest I don't really know how it works and that part of the process is behind me now. Sounds like you are one of the ever increasing "older" student......and so am I. I wish I would have done all this when I was younger and had nothing better to do, it is a little more of an uphill battle now. But not impossible. There are plenty of students in this program who have been out of school a while. Go look at the grad pictures in the hallway in the nursing building/library, I sometimes take a while and look at all the different people who have completed the program, and are now better for it I'm sure. So I do that every now and then to give me a little inspiration. Good luck!

Thanks again. I am applying this summer, take NLN in July. Could you tell me the name of the study guide I need to get to study for the test? Do they sell it over at the campus bookstore? Thanks!


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I would recomend the one I bought, however, I never opened it so I can't say if it is good or bad. I still have it if you want it, I actually bought it at the TRCC book store, but I have seen several different ones at Hastings.

thanks for your offer, my lab partner has the book so I will borrow hers,,,,,I sure hope I get accepted~

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