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I've got a couple of questions relating to jobs in the peds field in the Baltimore area. I'm interested in working at Hopkins or UMMC when I graduate and hopefully I'll get my senior practicum at one of the two over winter break. I'm a May 2009 graduate and I've heard to start applying for jobs in February, but then I've seen on here people applying as early as December/January before graduation. I want to go into pediatrics, which I know is a specialty, so I know applying early is key. Is anyone out there employed on a pediatric unit in any of these hospitals or simply in pediatrics somewhere in Maryland? Can you tell me what you did or what the process was? Did they take you as a new grad or did you get med-surg floor experience?

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Don't bother with Med/surg if you really want to go into Peds. Children are totally different; they're not little adults. Sure, M/S will help you with time-management and organization, but you're going to learn that on a Peds floor as well. And if you're looking for Peds ICU, it's quite possible, and done frequently, to go right into ICU if there's a good orientation program.

Yes I work in Peds, at one of those hospitals you mentioned. I simply applied, interviewed and was hired as a new grad.

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