Anyone On Here Just Starting Out?

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Hey everyone! I'm new here and I'm starting my Pre-Reqs this Fall. I'm super nervous. I'll have just turned 29 when classes start. I've gone what seems like countless years not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Nursing has been on my heart/mind for many years now and it won't go away! So, I've decided to just go for it.

I've never been real "book smart". I've always struggled in school. The past times I've attended college It just felt pointless to me and I just didn't care. I did enough to get by. This time feels so different though. I want this and for the first time in my life I'm going after something despite my fear.

Is anyone else on here just starting out?

Good luck to you! Going to school with a purpose will make a big difference in your ability to really focus your efforts.

I am starting a bsn nursing program this fall. I've been taking prerequisites since January so I'm eager and nervous to start my program! I'll be 32, by the way. :-) Good luck to you. If you want it badly enough, you will succeed!

Hey! I will be turning thirty this year and also attending college trying to pursue a career in nursing. I found myself struggling as i have been in remedial math three times already. I must say last semester i really didnt focus and having a small child just made me stress and feeling like giving up. I find myself thinking about my career daily. It seems so far away

I'll also be in remedial math. Math sucks and I've always had trouble with it. So I completely understand how you feel!

We can't give up though. If we want it badly enough we'll get through it! This too shall pass! :)

I'm taking my first two prereqs this summer and I'll be 28 this year. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do, too. So I actually have a bunch of college courses under my belt but nothing that will actually help towards a nursing degree besides Composition. Good luck this fall!

I've been in college on and off since 2005. I am just a couple of credits away from having an AAS. I decided to make the jump to nursing. When I start school next month, I'll have 39 hours of pre-reqs left. I'm taking two 16 hour semesters and both summer semesters before I (hopefully) start the actual BSN program. I'm also having to take remedial math. I will be in Intermediate Algebra this Fall. Algebra has always been a problem course for me because I can't make it make sense. If I can put it in practical terms (like dosing meds), I do much better.

Editted to add: I'm 30 now, turning 31 during Spring semester.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

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I just started this summer, drug calculation math is all done and I'm halfway done with general biology. Dreading September already... chemistry :icon_roll

I'm 37, so got y'all beat there!

If you didn't say that you were 29 yrs old because I am 30 yrs old, I would have thought that I sent in this question myself. I am just starting on my pre reqs and I am very nervous. I feel a little bit rusty and a lot of old but I am determined to work my tail off and not give up. Best of luck to you and God bless.

Good luck to all of you! I know what it's like, I'm 34 and just starting my BSN program this fall! It felt like forever away at times. I can't believe it's finally here. Don't give up, keep plugging away and you will reach your goals!

I'm right here with ya! I'm starting on my pre req's next month. I took a summer math course because ugh I placed horribly during my placement testing. I still have 2 more math classes to take as pre req's. I am 32, will be 33 next month with 5 kids in ages from 5-14. It's gonna be a scary ride but I've wanted to be a nurse since I was 12. I can't imagine doing anything else! Good luck to everyone! I hope we all have great success!

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