Anyone a nurse as their 2nd career w/ a BS degree from another field?


I have a BS degree in Health Sciences and looking into a nursing career. However all of my science classes are over 5 years old or have a C in it so basically I have to retake everything. Being a mom and having to work full time,is not easy. Any advice if pursuing a nursing degree is worth it and only route I have is going to a community college and earn an AS degree first because they have part time/ evening classes and then go towards a online BSN.

Any advices or suggestions?

I graduated in 09' with a BS in Health Care Management. After finding out how hard it was to find a job for a new grad with no experience, I decided I wanted to go back to school for nursing. I then found out that the prognosis was just as bad for new grad RNs, but I wasn't discouraged too much. I'm hoping that this will turn around a little bit before I graduate (I have 1 year left).

Does the program you want to enter specifically state that your classes must be less than 5 years old? My program said that, but when I talked with my adviser, she told me that I lucked out because they just changed that policy.

For any other prerequisites, I would consider taking the CLEP exam to test out. You could also take A&P, Chem, and Micro online and purchase the lab kits at home. Just find out what school offers them and if they will transfer to your school.

There are also many school that offer acclerated BSNs for those who already hold a bachelors in another field. Most are around 15 months long and you have to have your prereqs done or close to done when you apply.

If its really what you want to do, I would say its worth it. It won't be easy but I believe that it is a reward path.


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As dogfood341 said, not all nursing programs have a "recency" requirement for prereqs. The accelerated BSN program I went to accepted classes that I had taken 20+ years earlier! I was also able to test out of some prereqs by taking the CLEP exam (sociology) or the Excelsior exam (microbiology).

Talk to the admissions office at nursing schools in your area to find out exactly what their requirements are, and whether or not you can test out of prereqs, and if so, how? The job market is such that you'll have a better chance of finding a job (in most geographic areas) if you have a BSN, even for positions that don't absolutely require a BSN.

Good luck!