Anyone NP's work at a Wellness clinic or Hospice? Advice needed

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I am considering two very diverse positions and would like some input

First- position- Wellness chiropractor owned clinic, owner feels strongly about holistic wellness, and is starting a medical branch.

I would be working with a very nice MD to get it going. Id be doing h and p's and trigger point and other injections, eventually urgent care type things as well and kind of make it whatever we want. Not sure of the salary, but might be around 85k to start, no health ins, but may do a stipend to pay my premium.

Not sure yet of benefits. I really liked the owner,and the MD - its an established

multi clinic practice.

Second- part of the admissions team at a hospice. Id be first contact for patients considereing hospice, a lot of home visits and nursing homes. Wherever the patents are. Not exactly sure of the day to day but they seem willing to train For the hospice part if I can do the cliinical. I haven't done a lot of end of life but I think I would enjoy it. About the same salary but great benefits incl insurance ,good vacation, etc. I was wondering if they give all the vacation becasue its a

Stressful job? I wonder what the learning curve is to be confident dealing with end of life cancer and chronic disease? I feel like if I immerse myself I can do it.

If anyone works in either of these environments, I would apporeciate some insight/advice.

Do you like your job? Stress? Satisfaction? Depressing?

I like working with older people and I also like motivating people to make life changes, but these positions sure are different.

Thanks in advance



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I work per diem for a hospice agency performing face to face visits which are required my medicare after a hospice patient reaches a new benefit period. This is pretty straight forward work where I complete a history and physical with emphasis on functional decline secondary to their disease process. In my role, I dont actually manage medications, or take call. I do make suggestions on meds or treatmentx if I see something that needs attention. I am paid per visit and travel to assisted living facilities, nursing homes and patient's homes. I really enjoy the work and if a full time opportunity presented itself, I would definitely do it. I hope this helps in some way.



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Thanks, every little bit helps. I haven't seen any jobs just doing the face to face visits, but that does sound good.

Its odd, but I cant seem to find any information regarding NP's who work at Hospice, though there are lots of great stories from RNs and LPNs. Strange that their is so little on NPs, especially on this forum.

I'm looking at a hospice admissions job, and also a general hospice NP patient care job, so I am trying to get more of an idea what it involves. I had one interview so far and was disappointed to here that the NPs are no longer attending the Interdisciplinary team meetings, which was one of the big positives I was looking forward to with hospice care. Really working together and the holistic aspect of it. They said it was due to new Medicare regulations requiring more frequent face to face visits, like you are doing, so there is no time for the NP to attend the weekly meetings.

From what I have read, RNs had been doing hospice admissions, so maybe the new regulations require an ARNP to do admissions now?

Anyway, I think I would enjoy it if given a chance, we 'll see.



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