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Anyone know who will hire new lvns in Northern California?


Hi, I live about an hour north of San Francisco and I have been applying for lvn positions since I got my license in March(09). my question is does anyone here know who will hire new lvns in the Sonoma county area. So far everywhere I have applied or called, they will only hire lvns/lpns with at least 1 year or more experience. Other places I have applied to simply do not have openings right now. I applied for a caregiver position, and was told that I was overqualified and to just keep applying for an lvn position. It's frustrating because the class I graduated with(in Michigan) all have jobs working in hospitals, Dr.s offices, nursing homes, and even homecare agencies as lpns/lvns. Although I am happy for them, I can't help but feel jelous because they are getting all of this experience as new nurses, and I can't even get my foot in the door. Is anyone else having a problem finding lvn positions out here in the Sonoma county, Ca area? I can't move because I am married and have a family here.I would really like to start working soon or go back to school to get my BSN because staying at home is not for me. it's depressing :owith the no call backs or the rejection because I'm a new lvn...so any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

If your husband and you can afford the expense, you might as well start working toward that BSN. You might have trouble getting a new grad job, but at least your qualifications will be more competitive.

I think I will start looking into schools around here and start applying. I am afraid that even when I complete my BSN, I will still have the same problem. But hey I am going to try anyways! Hopefully by the time I complete it the economy will be better, or my family and I can move to a location where I can work. I just can't give up my dreams of being a nurse, no matter what! Thank you!:thankya:

I really feel for you but Cailfornia is hiring so many foreign nurses that it is causing a strain on American nurses here in the work place.:cry: many nurses have left California for other states esp. thoses have already reached retirement.They haven't learned their lesson from LA and why so many left there..bad Government and lawmaking is ruining Calif. will be a third world unsafe place here now before too long. Im in Sacramento.I guess your best bet would to sign up with nurses registrys in your area as well as private duty patients like Maxium health care. The registrys..if there is work will be able to help you get the experience you need. It would probably be best being new is starting out nights for long term care facilitys where you have less meds and can get used to the patients although change of conditions ..that can happen any time can even more so come during the night.When being new don't be afraid to ask for help or a second opintion as well as all the paper work you will need to complete before you leave. I wish you the best of luck.:heartbeat

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