Anyone know if you need a BSN to work in a MA hospital or if an ASN will do?

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This may seem like a silly question so if it is I apologize, but I was told today by a classmate that you needed a BSN to work in a MA hospital. I was planning to apply to all associates degree programs, perhaps one accelerated program and while I began working receive my BSN. I called the Mass. Board of nursing but just got passed around. Finally one woman told me it was because no one knew who to send me to! She recommended I call each hospital to see what they require. If I need to do that I will but I'd like to know so I can apply to a four year program now instead of waste my time and money applying for the two years. Thanks so much for your help!

I'm surprised no one at the BON could answer your question since they must know that there are ADN nurses working in MA. It's not a rule that you have to have a BSN to work in MA, but it is preferred. Many hospitals will only hire new graduates with a BSN, especially in the Boston area. There are very few jobs right now and so many people applying to them so a BSN would likely be chosen over an ADN. If you have the means, go for the BSN. You wrote that you might apply to an accelerated BSN program. If you already have a Bachelor's Degree in another field, the accelerated BSN route would be a good option for you.

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there aren't many nursing jobs in western mass but if you find one they will take an associates degree. The eastern side of the state is hoity toity and want bsn's. most of the hospitals out that way are trying for magnet status and therefore will only consider bsn nurses. good luck.

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All you need is your RN to start off. Then you can get your BSN fairly easily.

To start off from square 1 I would get the BSN in one shot.

Pretty much here is how it works. ASN can get you a job in most nursing homes, psych facilities, and some hospitals.

BSN can get you a job at most hospitals.

Of course the market is over saturated right now. It is very bad job wise in the Boston area. In the Worcester area it was barely doable. But now it is even worse since a local major hospital laid off 30 Experienced RNs. To compete in a pool of all ready over saturated new grad nurses.

Western MA (outside of Springfield) might be a little better off.

I would go for the BSN because by the time you finish hopefully things will be better. That is if the new healthcare system doesn't cause more lay offs due to reimbursement rates when the economy gets better. This new healthcare adds a totally different dimension into the typical "nursing job market down turns" that are common every 15-20 years or so.

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