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Anyone know any good math teachers @ FCCJ/FSCJ?

by Jainna Jainna (New) New

I've been having trouble with my intermediate algebra class and don't think I'm gonna pass it. I'm a visual learner and math isn't my forte,but I actually like it.My elementary algebra teacher was really good and I regret not signing up for him my spring semester. Also I'm scared that its going to hurt my gpa and wondering if it will ultimately affect me in getting into the nursing program.Anyways,I would just like suggestions on good math teachers,prefferably either at Kent campus or North Campus.Thanks!

You can always teach your self like I'm doing go to a book store look for the subject you have to study on. And also look for the books that have steps. Because I'm a visual learner to.


Has 9 years experience.

Judy Holcomb, she taught me math in all three grades of high school, now she teaches over there. If she doesn't teach that class then she'll point you in the right direction.

I highly recommend Prof Felipe Lorenzo-Luaces.

He only teaches at NAS JAX. I am not military and I called the number that is listed on the course search link,(he does not teach it every semester) when he teaches the class, it will connect you with the really great office help on Base. They give you instructions on how to get the ID to get on base. I am terrible with math and unlike you, I do not like it at all. I got an A in his class for Intermediate Algebra. He will give you all you need to pass his class. The only way you will get a bad grade is if you don't show up or just don't do any homework.

Jamie Malek at Kent Campus is awesome!! She gives great practice tests and reviews a week before each exam and extra credit for them towards your exam grade.

Deborah Logan- South Campus, I took her for all my math classes at FSCJ. I got an A everytime and math WAS my worst subject. I failed algebra in high school and got an A in college thanks to her and the best part is I actually learned it and love math now. She has an open door policy, you can go to her office anytime and she will help you. Perfect teacher for the visual learner.