does anyone have info on travel nursing?

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Hi, I was thinking of looking in to travel nursing for short assignments once I graduate and have been checking out some of the sites on the web. Are these too good to be true? Is there anyone who has taken on one of these short assignments? Any help would be appreciated!:)


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I was looking into them also, but most of them want you to have experience after school. One or two have a new grad program.

You posted this under the general nursing discussion tab, so I wonder if you had a chance to check out the section here at on travel nursing? You might want to post there as well, and read the posts in that section for more information. There is a ton of information from travelers.


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I work with a lot of travel nurses. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. Any place reputable will want you to have at least 1 year of experience. You would not want to work in a place that would hire a new grad as a traveler. Nothing against new grads (I was one too. good luck!


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You need at least a year experience before you travel. If you have a specialty in mind I suggest you get into it before you travel. You must be able to adapt quickly as a traveler. Depending on the facility, you may not get a decent orientation before you are expected to function independently. If you are talking about the travel positions that offer an almost unbelievable amount of money per week for a 4 week assignment, they are real. But know that you are going to work your hindey off during those 4 weeks. I know nurses who have done them. I'm looking to contact a company myself soon.


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Thanks so much for the information! I didn't know that there was a section on this within the bulletin board. I'll check it out.

thanks again!


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I would suggest you have more than one year of experience atleast before trying a short term assgnment. They will expect you to know everything, even though no one knows it all. Make sure you're very confident in your skills before taking an assignment. I saw an ICU nurse start a travel assignment, with only one year of exp. only to be taken out of that unit, because she didn't know enough.

There are times when you will get the worst of the worst assignments, and there are times when you won't. But you never know for sure until you actually get there. Many people can tell you about a certain unit, but unless it's very recent....your assignment could be very different then theirs. Be careful who you sign up with, and where you go for that first assignment. I would try somewhere close to home, and most hospitals will require you to be 50-75 away from home to do travel.

Again be you could end up in a world of trouble. But if this is the life for you, and you're a quick learner, and adjust quickly to new settings, you will do well.:cool:

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