Anyone have info. on online RN to BSN programs?

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I just graduated with my ADN and have been thinking about getting my BSN and was wondering if anyone had information on some good online RN to BSN programs. How exactly do they work, do you have to attend any clinicals? How long do they take, can you work at your own pace? :rolleyes:

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Try a search in this forum. There have been many fairly recent discussions with lots of information about many different programs. Each program is different.

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Above is a good link to many different programs.

The program I'm in at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences does not require cliniclas, but for the very end you spend a day with someone in nursing leadership and write a paper. (Lots of paper writing in the RN to BSN program).

You use your current employer and your experience to help in this program, but no clinicals.

We do not work at our own pace. Each course if 7.5 weeks, with deadlines for papers and tests, and it takes about two years to finish, by going half-time, one course at a time.

Good luck.

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