anyone have an idea how to ....

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Does anyone have an idea as to how one would answer the dreaded "why did you leave your last employer?" question, when the situation was not favoriable?, as in person was fired for the snowball effect of others mistakes/misjudgements?

any ideas would be appreciated.

Something along the lines of seeking out new opportunities, the desire to learn/explore a new area of interest...

I would advise against speaking negatively about your previous employer. No matter how terrible things may have been. If you must mention anything at all I would say something like, looking for a better fit. No one wants to hear about the drama in your previous place of work, no matter how true it may be.

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Thanks thats a great one!

This is the situation for which, "It was not a good fit", was made for. The tricky part comes if the interviewer asks you to elaborate. That is where you have to be tactful.

There's also the trump card "You know, I really made the decision based on my family's needs."

They are sort of boxed in then, because they are not supposed to ask about family junk.

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