Anyone Hoping to Start Nursing School Fall 2020?

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I'm going to be applying for nursing school this spring of 2020 in hopes to get in and start nursing school in a year, fall 2020. I'm taking A&P I and nutrition this semester and A&P II next semester. Anyone in a similar boat? I will be applying at the same school I'm doing my pre-reqs at in Northern Nevada.

I am in the same boat! I am finishing up my A&P II in the next couple of weeks! I will start prepping for my Kaplan entrance exam! I am in NC

I'm hoping to start the nursing program in January of 2020. I am applying in August ....I've already taken my TEAS and all my pre reqs, including a few of my non nursing clinical classes.

I am in a very similar boat, if I can manage to pass the classes. I really want to get in 2020 fallso I don't have to do the TEAS testing which becomes mandatory in Spring of 2021. (Im not good at retaining math, so I am scared I won't get as good a grade even though I took the classes!) But I am so worried about taking A&P II in the summer with Microbio and College algebra. Summer is much shorter, and those two BIO classes are hard enough alone...

I am pretty much betting that I will have to wait until Spring and just brush up on math for TEAS testing.

Whats on the TEAS test anyway?

In Nevada, we don't have the TEAS. I see a lot of people talking about it on this website though. I'm assuming it's a nursing school entrance exam. Here we have the HESI.

On another note, you said you're going to take A&P II? Does that mean you've taken A&P I? I'm about to start A&P I in 2.5 weeks and I'm worried I'll need to already have knowledge on cells. The pre-req for it is either bio 190 (intro to cell and microbio) or chem 121 and I took chem so I don't know a lot about cells. Do you think that's an issue for me going into A&P I? If so, I'm going to use my professor's online lectures for his other class to teach myself before class starts.

No, sorry I should have clarified. I have my plan already laid out and that summer (2020) is the one where I will have to take A&P II. It just works out that way because of certain prereqs that I have to take first.

TEAS is for any person entering schooling for a career in the health field. They are trying to slow down attrition (people dropping out basically) and it shows that higher TEAS scores correlate with lower attrition rates. That's what I found out when I researched, but I cant find what is actually on the test, like what level math it is and such.

I wouldn't really know about your question since I haven't taken A&P I yet, sorry. But you can email your instructor ans see what their opinion is! That's what I do. I just explain the situation and ask their opinion. If you don't know who your instructor is yet just email one of them and ask. 🙂

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On 7/13/2019 at 11:39 PM, Amanda Ennis Inman said:

I am in the same boat! I am finishing up my A&P II in the next couple of weeks! I will start prepping for my Kaplan entrance exam! I am in NC

Howdy neighbor! I'm in SC 🙂

I applied in Aug for the day program and was accepted!!! Woot Woot!! I start Clinicals in January