Anyone Going to South Suburban College? Pre, LPN, ADN

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Hey, anyone out there going to South Suburban College in South Holland? I am just starting my pre-req's there, but I've been in school for a while. I like my classes so far, but would love to hear from current LPN or ADN students on anything from the program to the application process to your clinical sites and experiences. It would also be great if some of us pre-nursing students could get a chance to talk, who knows we might be Nursing class mates soon!

I am applied for the Spring Semester, waiting to find out if I made it.

I attend South Suburban College! I finished all my pre-reqs and applied for spring 2011 nursing program and got accepted yay!!!! I personally do like South Suburban. After taken all my pre-reqs I could say some ofnthe classes ate challenging and take studying but they have really good teachers there was only one class I personally did not care for and the reason was the teacher that class was microobiology! Overall I have had a good experience at south suburban I hope I can say the same about their nursing program. I am excited and afraid of this new beginning! Ericleonheart did u get in the program?

I was accepted into the fall 2010 adn class. I had great teachers, loved them all, I will say, I found it hard and had to work my butt off for 2 B's and one C, but I passed and get to go on,30-50% didnt pass, I had Mrs. Larson for micro.. she was great.. animated teacher, made it awesomely fun, and I had Dr. Chris for bio 186 he too was great.. they teach at night.. so.. if you can, take them. good luck

Hey everyone I'm applying for the spring 2012 and program and I wanted to know how u all felt about the program at south sub and if you had any advice. my friend recently told me to take the medical terminology program before entering the class. Whatever you could to help me out would be greatly appreciated!

The Program is fine, I am just finishing up my 2nd semester, I wont say its easy, but its not impossible, the program is sometimes conflicting, and some times you dont get the best teacher, but if you put forth an honest effort and read the material and study.. then read some more and study some more, any program you will find people who are happy and people who are not. School is as always what you make of it. I have no life, I spend all my time in a book, but I look at it this way, these 2 years im giving up will bring me a life long dream of being a nurse and the money to enjoy the things I want to do. Good luck! if you are applying in the spring of 2012 I will be in 4th semester and looking toward graduation. Why are you applying so far away.. are you still taking pre-reqs?

Anybody ever had or heard of a teacher, biology maybe..Rashid Hamzat, he's from Africa. How is he, I heard good things and bad. Any advice?

Well I just finished up bio 185 with mrs Calhoun who was amazing highly recommend so I am able to apply now and the start date would be Jan 2012 I could have applied for the fall upcoming but I felt like it was to much because then I would have to take micro and a&p 2 with my nursing classes so I would rather wait and finish all my pre reqs plus it give me time to do pre reqs for my bachelors too

Also I wanted to ask about some pre reqs I'm taking and the teachers I have. I can't seem to find anyone who has taking them but if anyone could tell me if these teachers are decent I would greatly appreciate it! I know there aren't nursing profs but you only have to take one really a bad teacher to learn your lesson! I have Roland rose for a music class and Remy Johnson for psych 211

HI, Mamahere

are you going for the LPN Program or the ADN Program?

Here is some advice, if you are going for the LPN Program, you will end up taking more classes then I had to when you go for your bridging, My friend who is already an LPN she is bridging and she wont finish till a semester after me making her go even longer, she had to take bio 186 then she micro, then in the program she goes another whole semester.

And if you are in the ADN program make sure all your prereq's are done, nursing school is hard enough without taking extra filler classes like speach or humanities and the micro and 186 are hard enough on their own.


And if you are in the ADN program make sure all your prereq's are done, nursing school is hard enough without taking extra filler classes like speach or humanities and the micro and 186 are hard enough on their own.

I was hoping to complete all the general education classes also. But with just the nursing classes left, won't that decrease my financial aid over time since I won't be considered full time anymore?

Hi Kuffy-

Do you know of anyone who transferred from Moraine Valley's nursing program into South Sub's? Do they accept these students or turn them away b/c it's too complicated? Any info you may have is appreciated. Thanks :)

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