Anyone going to the NANN Conference in Phoenix?

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Going to the conference?

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Hi there,

I just thought I'd see if anyone here will be attending the NANN Conference in Phoenix this Sept 10-12? I'll be there, and it's always nice to have people to look forward to meeting.


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TiffyRN, ADN, BSN, PhD

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There will be a decent group from my hospital. A kind donor sponsored 4 of us. There is also a decent contingent of leadership and a couple that are paying their own way.

Sweet! Come by and visit me at booth #527 in the Exhibit Hall :) I'll have fun stuff from my store, and a few cool giveaways...

Where will you all be coming from? I'm flying in from California....

Anyone else going? I'm so curious about how far away people will be coming from.... And what topics they're most interested in learning about...


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I'm coming in from Washington. I am really looking forward to all the topics, I have worked 5 months in a level IV NICU and am excited to learn.

That's great Amy! How fun - a newcomer to the NICU! It's always so cool to be reminded of the fresh enthusiasm and new ideas that come with new NICU nurses. Isn't it the best job in the hospital? I think so....

I hope you'll stop by and say hello! I'll be at booth #527

I'm a NICU nurse, so usually I would be the one attending the classes, but this year I'll be a newcomer in my own way - to the world of having a booth at the show! It's a little outside my comfort zone to be hosting a booth, but I'm excited to share the story of the NICU store I've created that I'll just have to get over my nervousness! :)

Hope the convention is great for you and I'll look forward to saying HI!