Anyone get an acceptance letter? Blinn ADN Fall 2014

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Yes I would definitely do it! It's so stressful to know you're in the program but having to wait for your blue card to get in on time! Mine finally came two days ago! Plus if you get a call at the last minute you will be prepared!


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I totally agree! The only thing i need to do is get my cpr, get my immunization records, and pay this $60 to scan everything in this certified profile thing. I'm staying optimistic about the situation and trying not to think about it so much because I'll go crazy LOL! My only concern is when they try to call me. Where I work, I don't have very good reception and I'm afraid I'll miss a call if their is a spot available. I put my work exension as my alternate number, but i hope they don't just me once on my cell :nailbiting:


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For those who got accepted into the LVN program, what were yalls TEAS scores?


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I know this is a long time ago...but how did this turn out? I'm an alternate for the adn program and I'm wondering what my chances are...


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what was your gpa and teas v scores to be an alternate? I'm applying for spring

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