Anyone...future Career: Nicu?


Hi! My name is Kayla & I'm doing a career research paper.

My future goals are to work in the NICU. . . (sorry if I sound ignorant) I think I need to become an RN and than specialize in neonatal intensive care?:idea:

Well as of right now I am in high school & next semester I will be completing my CNA clinicals & this summer testing to become a CNA:lol2:.


I would like to know if anyone is planning the same career? To work in the NICU? I'm specifically looking for a student (& later someone who is actually holding this position but I will check another forum for that)

& if so...

Would you be willing to let me interview you via email. It is a short interview less than 20 questions & I need to complete it by at least January 5th 2008.

So....Anyone willing to help me out? Please?...:uhoh21:


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I'm a NICU nurse. If you click on my name, you can send me an email. I'd be glad to help.


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I don't mind doing it but I'm from England so it might not be quite right for you.

Good luck x


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I am planning on working in the NICU, I am not actually in the nursing program yet though. I am on the waitlist and expecting to be in next winter. If I can help let me know.


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I would like to move into NICU or PICU after I graduate from nursing school. I'm currently working on pre-req's and will be done with those in April '08. I hope to be in a program by Fall '08 through a partnership. Let me know if you can use my help.

I used to work as a CNA (actually PCT), now I work as a Unit Secretary/Monitor Tech. However, not in an NICU setting.

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