anyone ever try for unemployment?

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hi, i'm a cna and have been working at a nursing home for about four months now. I work 32 hours a week. When I was hired I began working the 3-11 shift cause my classes were during the day. Now classes will begin again for nursing in less than two weeks. I was promised upon acceptance of employement that my schooling would not be a problem. Now I'm told they cannot give me daylight and so I will have to accept the every thursday 3-11 and 2 weekends a month or nothing at all. I've contacted the kitchen, personal care etc and they don't have much to offer either. So if I stay or go either way I loose my benefits, health insurance and everything! I'm waiting to finally talk to the DON tomorrow, my last day lol!!!! I'm available monday through friday during the day and two weekends a month unrestricted. I don't think my availability is unreasonable. I came across a policy about unemployment that said even if the person is attending school but is reasonably available and able to work and does accept assignments but has had a cut in their hours might be eligible for partial unemployment until they get something else. Has anyone else run into this?


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I'm confused. I thought you'd got a job with benefits being a tutor at the place you were going to be a student?

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it is on an as needed basis. Basically I only get work if the students need help. So far nothing but it's only been a week. Plus college will be over soon in May. The students that needed help have probably already gotten it. But no this is a casual position and no benefits foreseen. Recently I got an offer from my current employer at the last minute after I put in my two weeks notice.


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Different states have different rules but in general you have to work more than 4 months to be eligible for unemployment..however if you had worked somewhere else that would count for your eligibility...nothing will be lost if you apply...

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