Anyone ever taken the ALSO course?

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We have an opportunity to win a chance to take this course for free (drawing names out of a hat of those interested). I love taking classes, so I put my name in. The thing is I had never heard of it until it was offered (it's the advanced life support for obstetrics). Has anyone on here taken it before? If so, what could I expect if I "won?" Because I was thinking if it was worth it, even if I didn't "win," I may save up the $$ to take it next year.



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I have heard of it, never have taken it. We have (up to this year) been required ACLS in L/D. This has just changed and I heard we will be at some point required to take ALSO. I understand (correct me if I am wrong), ALSO is directed more at physicians than nurses. But, I have heard good things about it, just can't speak from personal experience.

Here is a site discussing course content and dates/places:

If anyone here has taken this course, I would love your input!


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A few of the nurses I work with have taken it and speak very highly of it- it sounded like a great course to take


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I took the also course last fall and found it very informative, a little more info than a regular L&D nurse really needs to know, but not just a course for the docs. It helped explain why the docs make some of their decisions and do some of the things I always thought crazy. Ever see them "practice" putting on forceps, and they don't really look like they know what postion the babe is in or how to even put them on. There is a method to that madness. And good reviews for shoulder dystocia, PPH, fetal surveillance, charting and how to avoid trouble or lawsuits. A good course overall.


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I took in 2003. It was a very good class.Very intense. I would highly reccomend it to any other nurses, esp. those w/ several years experience. It really revitalizes your interest in L/D. :)

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