Anyone encountered this before?

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I agree with you that you need to use quotation marks when quoting a patient.

However, it is not always necessary to quote the patient. 

It seems to me that you are documenting things in the medical record that don’t actually belong in the medical record. If there is an abuse allegation, it goes in an incident report and to the proper channels. 

When I worked in psych, I frequently quoted patients because it was my job to assess their intent to harm themselves or others. And I needed to justify the interventions I was using that may have been a violation of their rights if used inappropriately. For example, keeping someone in restraints needs a good reason. If I ask the person “will you hurt me or someone else if I remove your restraints?” And they respond by saying “I can’t wait to punch you in your effing face!” That’s a good reason to leave the restraints on and a better one than “pt was agitated.” I’m going to quote the patient.

Quotes are for documenting your reason for the interventions you chose. Not for giving voice to every cockamamie thought your patient has.