Anyone else starting ASN clinicals in the fall?

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I will be starting in August. I wondered how many of you were, and what your plans are. How do you feel about it now that you've been accepted? How will your family/job/lifestyle change? What do you plan on doing to get everything in order before starting?

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I'll actually be starting a BSN program this fall, can I still chime in? :D

I'm excited, but terrified. I'll be cutting back my working hours to half-time in June, then will leave my job altogether the first week of July. That's a HUGE step for me, since I've been the major breadwinner in my family for the past 6 years.

Lifestyle - well, I'm obviously going to have to start spending less money. :chuckle

I know for certain that I'm going to enjoy being off school holidays - I've always worked so never been able to have the same days off as my boys. My husband lives on the other side of the state, so he won't be able to offer me too much support.


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I'll be starting an ADN program this fall. I already have a BS in Biology/Minor in Chemistry. My plans are to finish the ADN program, get the critical care experience, and apply to a nursing anesthesia program.:) What are your plans?

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I am so excited to finally be accepted and get started, after taking 8 years on and off to finish pre-reqs! I'm also afraid of the worst- flunking out!

I have a 3 year old I've been home with since he was born, and he'll be going to day care twice a week now, and Grandma's one day. I'm sure he'll enjoy it, though.

I plan on working 1 day a week, but I only work about 10 hours a week now, anyhow. I'm not sure what field I want to go into, but I will decide once I get a "taste" of everything. Someone told me there are a few hospitals actually offering to pay off student loans for new grads if they'll sign on for a few years! Good luck to you both! :specs:

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I wish I could say I would be going with you, but I was turned down again. I think it is not in the cards for me, I need to sit down and think where I go from here.

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I will be starting my clinicals in September. I graduated in 1990 with an A.S. in Radiologic Technology, so I have been through clinical experience before. Believe it or not, my Rad Tech program required many, many more hours than the nursing clinicals.

This fall, I will have two clinical days that begin at 7 a.m.. I'm worried about how the mornings with go with my 3 kids!

For preparation, I'm going to try to be as organized as possible. This summer, I will do a major clean out of our home to get more organized and have more space. I was thinking about planning meals ahead for my family so the evenings are not so stressful. Each of my kids has spot to put notes from school, etc, so I can stay on top of things.

I have my orientation on Thursday and will find out the supplies I need. I don't want to leave things for the last minute.

I'm so excited:balloons:


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