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Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

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7 hours ago, Ruby Vee said:

So you had four jobs in your first year of nursing, and you think that the problem was all of THEM?  The common denominator in your poor job experiences was YOU.  Have you given some thought to why you failed at all of those jobs and what YOU could have done differently so that things would have worked out differently?  If not, that seems to be your problem.

It isn't the profession.  It's probably you.

I don't regret becoming a nurse, although my first year was really rough.  I was too nervous about not killing anyone to be friendly or worry about developing workplace relationships.  I asked stupid questions, and I didn't understand the answers, and rather than look to myself, I thought everyone else was at fault.  Thankfully, I figured things out without a ton of job hopping.  When I was more comfortable with my role as a nurse, I got friendlier and was easier to work with.  And people responded by being nicer to me.  


I feel that she doesn't like the conditions of the job ( there are many people that don't, not just her)  but she tried to make it work and it didn't, hence the job hopping. She could have done things differently and still ended up in the same situation. 

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