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Anyone else have a problem with ear infections?


Ok, so ever since I was a kid (ruptured ear drum), I've been really susceptible to getting ear infections in one ear. When I started nursing school, I noticed that after using my stethoscope even for just a brief period during the day, I could tell I would start to develop an ear infection. So I learned to swab my earpieces multiple times throughout the day. Fast forward to now where I'm constantly using it now that I'm graduated and working, and this problem has now popped up again. I'm swabbing the earpieces constantly throughout the day to avoid developing a new ear infection, but it's not working too well. Not really sure what else to try. I figured this is the place to ask other nurses, I'm sure someone has had this problem. Any ideas/advice?


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Sounds like you're doing everything to prevent them.

Go see an EENT.

Other than that...

Sorry, medical advice is against terms of service here.


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Had constant earaches as child + allergies. I started with ear problems past July... saw ENT+ needed eusatacian tube + deviated septum repaired....Voila, problem solved along with another round of allergy shots. :)

Please seek advice of an ENT physician..... TOS prevent personal advice.

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