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Anyone else 06/16/09 08:06:17AM?

NicolaL NicolaL (New) New

I was just wondering who else is timestamped 06/16/09 and what your time is. :)


My stamp is 06/16/2009 08:02:35AM Really hoping for January 2011 :) .....what do you think our chances are?

It's typically been a 3 semester wait, not counting the summer and following semester that you applied in, I was hoping for Spring 2010 I applied in September of 2008 but didn't get in until Fall of 2010, if that helps at all... so realistically it might be Fall 2011 BUT there's always other factors to consider i.e. people drop out, or defer placement so that could get you in sooner!

I really hope we get in 2011. I don't really have anymore classes I can take while I wait. But I guess it all depends on how many people there are in the Feb timestamps.

I'm taking BIO 202 online thru Rio and plan on taking BIO 205 in the fall. Debating whether to take online thru Rio on an actual class. If I don't get in Jan 2011 I'll probably take a terminology class or pathophysiology.

Any idea when they do the run for Spring placements?


I've already taken all of my Bios and I am starting a terminology and pathophysiology class in May. Once I'm done with those I will be out of classes.

I'm not sure when they will do the placement run for Spring. I'll have to see what I can find out:)

Hi msiegl and NicolaL,

I see you both saying you want to take a terminology class, I was wondering if you could tell me what that class number is because I am having trouble locating it on MCC's website?

Thank you

Crystal, I believe its something like HCC145. Looks like there are several options to take this class online. I just can't decide if I want to take the class, or just get the book and read and have as a resource. Hmmm.


I know I was thinking the same thing. In California where I am from the cost per credit for a class is $20.00 here I think it's almost $80.00 and on top of that it's not a required course, helpful but not required. So like you said hmmmm. Let me know if you come across any great terminology books you can recommend:clown:

have you tried the free mesa community colleges itunes university pathophysiology lectures online? [color=#0995ea]


(see post #593 for instructions) i plan on listening/watching/studying over the summer.

and the terminology course is hcc 145. you could always check out the bookstore online for the required book and just buy that one.:D

you can also google pathophysiology lectures online and it will bring up a few choices in itunes. it's audio only not video like the one from mcc but the professor is easy to listen to. he has a whole semester class online. he also posted an advanced patho class in itunes.

I am also timestamped 6/16/09 my time is 8:03 50 I just wanted to jump onto this thread to let you know you aren't alone, even though you already knew that lol! I think we will for sure get in Fall '11 but like everyone else I'm crossing my fingers for Spring. October is so far away to find out though I wish they would let us know sooner :uhoh3:

My time stamp is 6/16/09 at 8:00:17 AM. I am currently on the wait list for the GCC weekend program and keeping my fingers crossed for possibly next July.


I took HCC145 at RIO, the textbook they have is like reading a dictionary! it's awful. I did buy some med term flashcards by mosby. you get 800 cards for like $35.

I'm also on the wait list for nursing school and I have a Feb 09 date stamp. I spoke to someone at the district office and they informed me that I have a pretty good chance of getting in for Jan 2011. Yeah, not a 100% chance, but a good chance! My friend with a Dec 08 date stamp, just got in for Fall 2010 on a deferal (someone deferred, so she got their spot). Anyway, so just trying to not burst any bubbles and to be realistic, it probably will not likely happen for June folks to get in for Spring 2011.

My stamp in 6-16-09 3:22am. I am hoping for January also. If ot makes you feel any better I have a friend who applied 2 1/2 months before me and was accepted to scottsdale accelerated ( this was her 4th choice) and will start in August. So I think we are very close.

I think your friend must have gotten very lucky or had lots of schools listed on her application :). If your date stamp is in June 09, that means the first semester you were eligible for was Spring 10, so second run would be Fall 10 and third run would be Spring 11. You will be *very* lucky to get in for the Spring 2011 class. But hey, keep your fingers crossed!! I think it also depends on where you want to go. There are some schools that have a much longer waitlist and others not as long.

The last person to get in had the time stamp of Feb 20, 2009 08:03:44 AM. So I definitely think if you have a early time stamp on the June date you will get it for the Spring. I have a friend that called the school of their first choice and they said they thought they would definitely get in for Spring their time stamp is June 8:00 (I forgot the seconds).

Well, I guess only time will tell!! Don't forget though, a Feb person may have gotten in, but the April people still need to be placed as well! But, best of luck to you... :)


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