Anyone Else Always Anxious?


Hello everyone,

I've been an RN for about 8 months now and I just feel so anxious about work and am constantly thinking about it when I come home. About two months ago a pt filed a complaint about something that never actually happened, and although it was totally untrue it devestated me. All of my coworkers were so supportive and knew that nothing never happened and were all saying that I'm doing great. But my NM just didn't really seem to support me at all. Now I feel like I can't be firm with pts when they act inapporiate (got a pillow thrown at me last night) because I'm so scared that I will get another complaint. I know I'm just being paranoid but I can't help it, has anyone else ever felt like this? or have any words of adivce for me? Thanks so much for reading my post.:wink2:


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You might want to consider talking with a counselor; maybe even one that deals with hypnosis by breathing. I had severe anxiety issues when I was in highschool from PTSD and I had a counselor who taught me how to breathe and relax. I was also put on meds for my anxiety because it was so bad. If I were you, I would bring it up with my MD during your next appointment or if it is really really bad, go ahead and make an appointment to talk about it with them.

Hope everything goes well for you!


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I am in my 12th week of orientation. I have 2 more weeks to go before I'm on my own. I'm very anxious. I don't want to go off orientation, I'm so anxious. I would love to quit, but am afraid to because the economy is so bad. I think my biggest fear is getting sued.


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I've been licensed since 3/08. Other nurses will see me "stressed" by the craziness of the moment on the med/surg floor and the usual word of advise is simply "breathe". I was standing next to a dinamap one day and figured I'd check my heart rate during a busy, anxious moment. My pulse ox was 92% and my heart rate was 124. I thought to myself, "I better breathe". I scooted into the staff restroom and did 10 deep breaths, with my eyes closed so that I could focus on just calming myself. I returned to the diamap and redid my pulse ox. I was pleased to find my O2 up to 100% and my heart rate was down to 88.

My working mantra for myself has become "breathe baby breathe". I still continue to be anxious but at least I can be proactive instead of just freezing up or spinning in circles. I try to stay in front of the clock re meds and interventions and am getting better at charting as I go. The simply breathing helps get me through the simotaneous nursing home transfer transport arrival, post ob arriving to unit , transfer from ICC, and pt requests for pain meds NOW PLEASE, all occuring in the same 5 minute block of time.

Good luck and BREATHE.

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I'll never forget back when I was in nursing school, my instructor always used to tell us something to this effect -- When you're out on your own, don't ever get too comfortable. You want to be on top of things and that little bit of nervousness keeps you sharp and focused.

Personally, I still feel a bit nervous even after doing what I've done for this many years. You never know what's going to happen and you definitely want to be on your toes and ready.

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I would agree with what others have said. Get in to see a counselor.

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You can also look into your Employee Assistance Program offered by your facility for where to get help/advice.

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