Anyone who has done the UCH Residency Program?

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After four depressing months of nothing, I'm finding myself with a good but stressful "problem." I have an interview tomorrow with the University of Colorado Hospital for their Nurse Residency Program, and am trying to decide whether to go or withdraw my application. I'm considering this because I also have a 2nd interview at Sky Ridge, and PSL has contacted me wanting to start the hiring process. Sky Ridge has been one of my top picks since I graduated, partly because it is closer to where most of my extended family lives. I don't have anyone in the Aurora area really, but am afraid I may regret passing up an opportunity like UCH. :uhoh3:

Has anyone gone through the Nurse Residency Program? Would you say it is much better than an HCA New Grad Program? Is there any flexibility? I know it's a 2-year contract - do you have to jump when they say "jump?" Do you think it would be hard for someone with a husband in school and a toddler? Can you request time off? Is there homework and a lot to do in addition to your staff nurse schedule? :confused:

Thank you for any help! :nurse:

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wow sounds like you have a lot of great opportunities. as a new grad who's put out about 200 applications and has only 2 interviews and no real prospects i would say take what you can get. If sky ridge and PSl offer you a job, don't even think twice about it, take it! congrats! You're really lucky, I would kill for an interview at UCH or PSL. How long ago did they contact you for the interview at UCH?

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Thank you for your reply, tinysam. After weighing the pros and cons and possibilities, I went ahead and withdrew my application from UCH. It sounded like a wonderful opportunity but I'm just not sure it's right for my family situation at this time. As for your question, they had contacted me via email on Sept. 2nd to schedule the interview.

I hope something turns out for you soon too. This has definitely been a rough season for new grads - I had over 75 applications out there (and who knows how many resumes emailed) before anything started to happen. I was even applying for CNA positions and was still getting rejected! I see that PSL is encouraging new grads to apply for their CNA jobs now though. You might also look into doing flu shot clinics, I am just starting that this week as well. They are generally new-grad friendly. Also, if you have CNA experience, you might look into working as a CNA in the hospitals through a staffing agency - I had one of the companies tell me that several of the new grads they employed found jobs in the hospitals that way.

Thanks again!

hi damailarn,

i was wondering if you were interviewing for the program which begins in october. also, do you know when the application process begins for the march portion? and, lastly, if you are from colorado? i'm in alabama, and would love to live in denver and work for uch. the problem i run into so much is that hospitals are partial to people from the state they are located, and there aren't very many options in the alabama area as far as nurse residency programs.

UHC will start posting jobs for the March start date around Thanksgiving. You must have graduated within the last six months to be considered a "new grad".

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