anyone out there considering Southwestern Adventist University????

U.S.A. Texas


Hello all I was wanted to see if anyone has applied to SWAU or interested in applying that has some information about the school.


I'm currently a student of SWAU (southwestern adventist university). I just started a thread not too long ago about a situation that I'm in. Just a word of caution, when applying to this program, you need to make certain and sure that you're speaking to the right people. They have communication problem, you need to watch your own back. I'm sorry to say, I know every school has their own problem, but the communication in this school is just THAT bad. They change their policies mid-year, so keep your eyes open if you're in the program or applying to the program. It is easy to get in, hard to stay in. Reason: they will use every excuses and chances (it seems) to kick you out of the program. if you have any other questions you can ask me on a private message or so. I realize this is an old thread though.

I was wondering if you received my message about SWAU?

I am in the same situation you were in, I am thinking about going there, any advice?

What advice do you need? I just graduated from there

I just need to know how their programs works? Basically the pros and the cons on their Nursing program. Thank you!

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