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I am in a predicament. I want to apply to CCM which is 5 minutes from my house and has an evening nursing program. My problem is that my A&P 1 class is over 7 years old . I am not sure about A&P 2 and Microbiology. IT is ridiculous. I am in the medical field and I have no desire to take these courses over. I need an evening program because I work part time during the day and the day curriculum would just not fit in with my family needs. I called CCM and they are very inflexible. Are they the only college that has a statue of limitations on prerequisites? How hard are the challenge tests?



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The county colleges can afford to be inflexible because they have such high demand. You might be able to get away with an on-line class or testing out on-line - one of the programs I applied to suggested I do that.


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It is now mostly the rule rather than the exception that certain prerequisite courses have a time limit. Most schools have gone away from the seven year time limit in favor of the five year limit. Some people have posted that there are now schools that are using a three year time limit. These rules set very nicely for the schools to make money on students needlessly repeating courses as they wait for admission.


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At Brookdale API, II and Mico all need to be within the last 8 years. Nursing classes must be taken within 4 years. All other classes don't expire. You can try and CLEP out of the classes, but be sure your school will accept CLEP as not all schools do. You can buy a CLEP review book. I've heard the tests were fair and doable. Good luck.

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