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Anyone care to explain my EFC to me?


Hello all. I just filled my fafsa out and came up with an EFC of 4050...all I understand is that I won't receive a pell grant, but I also don't have $4,000 to pay up front either. Could anyone explain it a little better for me? And by the way I'm going to be attending Ivy Tech for the ASN program (hopefully). Anyone also know about how much it is a year...part time? Thanks so much everyone!

Idaho Murse

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EFC is estimated family contribution. So the gov thinks your family is going to help you with about 4k a year. Beyond that what are you asking to be clarified?

Hey thanks for the reply. I was wondering if the EFC could change at all once your school receives the info or if that was a set amount? I just really don't know much about it, and didn't know if there was more to it or not?

the efc is based on your income. You make too much money to receive the pell. Only way that would change is if you made less money.

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