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Sorry it took so long to reply, I worked yesterday. I am an LPN with some pre-req done already through the previous yr. Since I entered the program as an LPN with advanced placement it took me 1 year.

For cost, I think they say it is around 14,000 depending on credits needed, clinical credits are more expensive than gen ed. My work paid for my school and since it was a year I can only give you an estimate. Hope this helps.


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Ok thanks ALOT for your input! My application is pretty much filled out already, and I did the essay already too. Thanks again.

I was thinking of HACC's program but it takes 4 yrs (I think) to complete the RN program part time. Plus I dont know if my work could work around their clinicals because I heard that clinicals can be anytime.

Theres another school Im looking into in Chambersburg. But its only for LPN. Then I could always go and do a LPN bridge to RN, and If I read that correctly that will even take two years (full-time).

Lancaster seems like the best option for me so far. I have NO heakthcare experience.


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Specializes in Ortho/neuro rehab, dialysis.

Good Luck!! If you have any other questions let me know.


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I'm currently in Lancaster General College's nusing program. I love it there. There is a good mix of older students and most of the kids coming out of high school are decent people. I'm 24, haven't lived with my parents since I was 17, have a I usually feel bored when I talk to teens still living at home. I get along with almost everyone at LGC though, it's a great mix of people and all the students I know are very suppotive of each other. Most of the clinical instuctors seem to really care about their jobs and are very supportive and understanding. The class sizes are pretty you can get to know a lot of people.

Of course it's stressful and they put TONS of work on you. This past semester, a week before finals, I had 3 presentations due and tests's just how it worked out for me. I would definitely suggest getting as many prereqs out of the way as possible. A&P is a monster class that takes tons of study time and it's hard when you have 5 hours of nursing paperwork, plus tests in both classes. Psych, Soc (I'm told), clinical math, nutrition, eng (a lot of writing though) are really easy. There are online classes for nutrition and soc if you want to do that. The online nutrition course was very easy and a godsend cause I really needed to be able to work on that on my own time schedule.

As far as evening/weekend, LPN-Rn....I don't know much about. I'm attending fulltime and it'll take me 5 semesters. As far as tuition...this semester for 13 credits is $6,230. 10 of those credits are for nursing, which is $505 per credit. So for Nur 101 &111 it is 7 credits, that would be $3535. General Ed courses are $335 per credit. So your A&P's (4 credits) would be $1340 plus the $175 lab fee ($1515). So just nursing 101&111 and A&P I would be $5050.

Right now, for me, my total charges add up to $18,000 for a total of 40 credits and I have 2 more semesters to go after that. Total, I guess I'm looking at $30,785 if tuition doesn't get raised again (HA...nice dream).

Also there is the enrollment fee when you first enter...$300. For 1st year nursing books, 8 are required, 2 optional and 1 recommended. If you get them at the school bookstore ( then it's about $817....but everywhere else is cheaper. There is also a student community on black board where you can buy/sell used books.

lol...well, I'm tired of typing....if you have any questions feel free to ask...


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Thanks for your reply! I really appreciate the feedback.

Though after discussing the lengthy drive with my husband we decided against it for now.

Im putting my application into HACC in York because they have a evening part-time program (cant believe HACC in Harrisburg doesnt have it)and it works well with my schedule although it will likely take me 5 years to complete!!:rolleyes:


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Hello...I am slotted to start in the full time program as well this August, so very nervous but excited at the same time:yelclap: !!! I posted this in another section, I am trying to order books but with Nurs 101/111, they require like 8 different books yikes!!! I found a website that I can actually "rent" books from but wasn't sure if some of those books will be required for Nurs 102/112. Can you please advise, would appreciate it, thank you!


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OP - you might want to re-think your decision to go to HACC. Many, many students take pre-reqs there thinking that they are nursing students. You're not really a nursing student until they accept you into a clinical rotation, and the spots in those rotations are few. I know several people with A averages in pre-reqs who did not get into clinicals and ended up in a practical nursing program as plan B. At least one of these students was ON THE DEAN'S LIST and DIDN'T GET IN TO CLINICALS. In that track it can take 5 years or more to become an RN. Even if you are accepted into clinicals at HACC it will take 4 years to become an RN.

You can start at Lancaster General in a full time program and be a nurse 2 years later. If they accept you - you're in. That's all there is to it. You will get a wonderful education from a school with an excellent reputation. It's worth travelling a few extra miles each day.

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