Anyone attend Lancaster General College or Lancaster County Career and Tech Cntr

U.S.A. Pennsylvania


Intersted in seeing if anyone is attending either of these schools. Im not sure what this means when it says "All applicants must have graduated from an approved secondary school association"???? That is from the Lancaster General College.

Also interested in Lancaster County Career and Tech Cntr and how you liked it? Any info you can provide would be Great!!!!

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I just graduated in May from Lancaster General College. It is a wonderful school. The instructors are very caring and want you to succeed. I am not sure what you are asking. You need to be a high school graduate or have your GED and they suggest that you have at least a "B" avg in your math and sciences. If you are an LPN applying for advanced placement you need to show that you passed from an approved LPN program. Any questions can be directed to admissions, they are very willing to help, or I will try to answer any other questions if I can.

Did you go there part time or full time. That is an RN program right? (Not LPN program).

Im considering the part time 3 yr program, I think its like 2 days a week plus the weekend or every other weekend. Seems like a good idea for RN program.

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I attended full-time but know that they have the part-time program. I think it is 1 night a week and every w/e or every other w/e. I talked to some students in the program and they seemed to really like it. Yes, it is an associate's degree RN program. Any other questions let me know.

Is there any pre-requsities? Or is it an all-in-one type thing? You've been very helpful!!

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Pre req would be your maths such as they recommend high school alg and at least 1 science with a lab (ie high school bio/chem). You can take your A&P, Micro and your other classes at LGH, I took some of my pre-reqs there and I had some already from HACC. I found their professors/instructors to be very helpful and want you to succeed. If you need help all you need to do is ask. You may also want to check into an open house or make an appt with an admissions counselor or call them (that is what I did), they may be able to be more specific. Keep the questions coming if you have any others.

Well it seems like a really good school, and might be worth it to drive an hour there and back. I could do my pre-reqs at HACC since its closer, would I still be able to get financial aid? Or since its just pre-rreq classes I wouldnt be able to? Im so new to this school stuff, Been out of high school for over 10 yrs.

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Where do you live? I drove from York, it took me about 45-50 min to and from, sometimes more depending on traffic. I would take some of the the general education classes at LGH because they give preferance to their current students for approval. If you are accepted right into the program to begin clinicals with your other classes they will allow you to take only so many classes at another college. If you are going to take some classes first, just to get your feet wet, then you can go to HACC and transfer those classes in. Again admissions can help decide which is best for you. They are very helpful. It is hard to go back after so many years, but you can do it. The good thing with LGH is the traditional and non-traditional students really seem to get along great and help each other. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.

I live in Carlisle/Mechanicsburg line. More towards Mechanicsburg, but Carlisle Address. What kind of General classes did you take at Lancaster, and what did you take at Hacc?

As far as I know I might need an Algebra class (high school level, but not 100%). Dont think I took one in high school. I had one biology and lab but it says I need 2 units of science with lab. So I might have to take something the science.

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I took my English at Hacc but you may want to take it at LGH. Eng 1 and 2 at hacc equal 1 English class at LGH. I also took my A&P and Micro at Hacc but I had taken them before I decided to attend LGH (I was doing Excelsior since I was an LPN). I took the clinical math course, sociology and nutrition at LGH. There are several ways you can do it. If you find out you need a alg course or another science you may want to take them at hacc. You may also want to look into what classes LGH offers online to save on some travel.

How long did it take you for everything?

Also how was tuition costs? If I calculated right it costs almost 34,000 dollars. I calculated $505 per credit hour(they have on the site) and times it by 67 credits of the nursing credits. Is that right? That would be outragous! LOL

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