Anyone applying for ADN Spring 2012?


I will be applying this August for SPring 2012. I was just wondering what would you guys think the minimum score to get into the program? this will be my second time applying and I got in last semester but wasn't successful. I have 27 point currently.

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For what program?

For CSN? It all depends on how many apply and how high their points are. I think some people got in this fall with 27 while some were alternates. Either way, good luck!


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With 27 points I would recommend trying to retake the teas or another class to move up a point or two. As one person said only some people got into fall 2011 with 27 while the rest became alternates. I believe the trend in points is moving up every semester, or atleast staying the same. You might be safe with 27 but would probably be safer trying to obtain 28 or more points.

Food for thought...


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If you're reapplying, they started a new policy that they're taking away 1 point, so with 27 points, you'll really only have 26.

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surely that has to be a little bit over the top. That just cannot be....

If this were the case, then that would give an advantage to incoming students, when those who worked their tails off and have attended class at CSN before get docked (or in my words, shafted) one point. If this policy forces you to lose one extra point for each try, then this is a completely laughable policy.

This idea just doesn't make sense and seems to contradict the idea that they would favor students who have attended the college before. It would almost seem like they would be rushing apps through. Also, if one were to have some kind of healthcare experience, it would no longer have value under this policy? Really?

Now, I could see where a 0.5 point reduction would make sense. But an entire point? Come on. That's exactly worth one semester in Sociology or Political Science, if I'm not mistaken.


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I am pretty sure it applies to people who were in the program and failed or withdrew. I think it is fair. They're trying to weed out people who just aren't cut out for the program.

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ah, now that makes more sense. Thanks for clearing this up for me. :up:

i was originally referring to those who couldnt make the cut due to not having enough points and would have to re-apply. i'd be very surprised, and shocked, if the point drop referred to these students as well. I happen to be in this group.


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Hello. Are you going full time or part time? I have a friend that just got accepted fall 2011 full time with 27 points. I'm also hoping to start spring 2012, with 28 points but part time, which is harder to get into, but I hope I have a Chance I will be heart broken if I dint get in! Good luck!

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I'm applying with 31 points for full time at spring 2012, since the 1st semester for both full time and part time are similar in workload. I also hope you get a chance at the part time track with 28 points. Good luck to you as well!