Anyone applied for Otterbein CRNA 2019

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Hi Guys, Anyone applied for Otterbein CRNA starting 2019? If you have, have you heard anything from them? Any interview invites or not? Thank you!

I applied, but have not received any communication at this point. They did post on their Facebook page that individuals chosen to interview would be contacted during this coming week.

@ FPCCRN thank you for your response. They emailed me once the application was complete stating that Committee will review on Sep 12 and interview will be sent out. Did you received that email as well?

Yes I did. I would imagine we will start hearing soon, at least I hope so lol. Are you local, or would you be having to arrange flights etc?

I hope we will hear from them soon too. I have to arrange flights. How about you?

I'm local, so thankfully I don't have to worry about that aspect. I'll post if I hear anything. Did you apply to any other schools?

I could not PM you for some reason. I got Interview invite today. Have you checked your email? This is only place I applied to, how about you?

Congrats! I did and I haven't received one as of yet. I also only applied here, it's my first choice but if it's not in cards this year I will consider applying to others as well next year. Do you know if you're interviewing the first or second week?

Just throwing this out there to clear up some confusion I have - are the interviews for the Fall of 2018/May 2019 start for their DNP program or MSN program? I know the application information said Masters, but then I read they wanted to have students who interview in the Fall of 2018 matriculate into the Spring of 2019 as a DNP class. So what are you exactly interviewing for? Thanks!

@FPCCRN, I will be interviewing the second week.

pedsrncvicu3 I had the same confusion but application says master so, I am guessing it is for the master for now.

I have an interview the second week of October as well! How are you preparing? I'm beyond nervous about the clinical portion and how much is clinical based?

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