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Anyone applied to LMU in Knoxville for fall 2009?


Just trying to see if I am the only one worried if I will get that long awaited letter? I think I should here something in about two weeks.

Good luck!! I've applied for Roane State. You might post this on the Tennessee board, there are some LMU students there.

Thanks dee78. When do you here from them where or not you get in?

I have also applied to LMU fall 09. For St Marys site...freaking out of course!!!!! I was told I would hear by the end of March then told the beginnign of May who knows?

Yeah me too. It looks like, on here anyway, that they found out last year on March 12. So thats what I am hoping for. I put app. in about 3 months ago and can't remeber where my first choice was St. Mary's or Blount, but which ever I just hope I get in. How many pre-reqs you have done?

I need micro and speech micro i am doing at PSTCC this summer! It will be hard core. Yes March 12 sounds good I am so nervous, i am already tired of waiting.lol thanks for the reply please let me know when u get yours and i willlet u know also

I will definitly let you know. That time can't come soon enough. I go to the mail box everyday with anticipation with let down thus far. Not much longer now. All I need is micro also but I am going to take it next summer. Hopfully that will be between my first and second year of nusing school. Let me know what you think of the class there and how tough it is taking it just over the summer cause I would like to take it there myself. Thanks a million

sure not a problem I am too like you waitin on the mailman with much sadness...nothing, I did however get my financial aid info today which requires more work for me of course...I will let you know how micro is this summer. I know the ones taking micro now for reg semester say it is rough. I imagine so they are takin A&P 2 with it...prob not good idea.

Hey ther mchapp I got my letter sat. 21 march and I have gotten in. How about you.:yeah:

I just recieved my acceptance letter last Friday. I will be attending LMU Fall 09 at the Alcoa site. I am actually already a LPN but decided to take the generic path instead. Any information would be appreciated about LMU.:nurse:

I got my letter on Friday of last week and would love to talk to people attending this Fall 09 at Alcoa site. If anyone is out there with information please reply

hey that is great news! congrats, no still havent heard and it is making me sick of course. I hope I get it soon I will definetly let you know. : ) congrats again and thanks for letting me know.

Hello TRL 46,

I am starting at the Alcoa site this fall I just wish it was tomorrow. I ready to get this show on the road.:chuckle

Have you heard anything about how the class schedules work? Will you be taking just the nursing courses or will you need pre-reqs as well? Just curious. I will be actually driving from Crossville/Sparta area and will be only taking the nursing core classes. Great to hear you are at the Alcoa site!

I have all pre-reqs done except micro and the lincoln life and information literacy. I will be taking the bridge classes along with the nursing courses cause I will be getting my BSN. How far is crossville away from the site? I have not heard anything about how the classes are set up. I would like to know to.

I did not know you could take bridge classes into BSN program. How does this work? I will be driving approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to get to site. I have waited for 2 years to get into RN division and will go to any distance to get this accomplished. Someone said the curriculm is actually 4 days/week? Not really sure. Hoping someone in the program will respond and inform us of the details. Give me some info on the BSN portion and how this is incorporated into the ASN degree when you get a chance.

The bridge is really just taking pre-reqs again but for your BSN. I think it consist of one more math such as statistics, 2 history courses, English 310, and a fine art, such as music. After that the way I understand it, the rest of the BSN program is all nursing course should only take two semesters, maybe three depending on how many hours you can take and work at the same time. This is listed on LMU's web site under the Facts Sheet under the nursing portion. I will also be traveling 45 min to an hour I live in Etowah TN.

Where is Etowah TN? I am originally from Charleston, South Carolina. My husband, son and self moved here about 13 years ago. My husband, Jim, currently works in Nigeria, Africa and is home every 4 weeks. I have not told him the good news as of yet. Thanks for all the info

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