have anyone applied for the HRSA scholarship

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I applied on April 21 and met the first funding preference. So it gave me two forms to download and get filled out one by me and the other by the Department of nursing official. Anyways she took her sweet time to fill it out and then on the question of is there a contingency she checked yes and said attending orientation and immunization records. I have done all of that. I need two shots left in the HeP B series but we have until Aug 15 for that.

So now I am worried that this will hurt my chances of even qualify even furhter b/c it says this in the bulletin but it could be talking about academic contingencies "If the Verification of Acceptance/Verification of Good Standing Report states that there are conditions (not yet fulfilled) for acceptance into the school and/or program, applicants will not be eligible for consideration for an award for the 2004-2005 academic year.

Should I put something with the letter and explain that I have done all of this b/c I really don't want to ruffle anymore feathers with her b/c she took so long to fill it out in the first place. Do anyone think those contingencies would be viewed as conditions?


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please have anyone applied or have any advice.


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I applied last year and met the funding preference (0 EFC, already in a 2 year nursing program) but got a letter saying there were over 900 who met the criteria and only 48 scholarships in the entire nation! I believe they gave preference to minorities to narrow it down further. Good luck.

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I applied, but didn't meet the first funding preference (my EFC is a lousy $80). Good luck! :)

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