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Anyone actually graduated RN/BSN from WGU?

Has 25 years experience.

I know that Western Governors University has been discussed ad nauseum on this board, but what I've seen if mostly from people thinking of attending, or people currently attending. I'm interested in hearing from graduates of the RN/BSN program. Mostly I want to hear how your degree has been accepted by employers, your job outlook, etc. I am worried that it won't be viewed as legit, even though it's accredited. Also, the local university apparently doesn't accept the WGU BSN for grad school, which I would love to attend later (they have awesome FNP and midwifery programs). Has anyone with the WGU BSN had trouble getting into grad school later? And do you feel that potential employers view your degree as highly as they would one from a B&M school? Thanks. Feel free to PM me.

Or PM/message me, too :) I'd love to hear some real experiences from BSN graduates.

Employers are not interested in one's education except for the generality of having a BSN when that is set as the minimum requirement or for specific positions where education is important. Most nurses applying for most staff nurse positions are fine as long as they graduated from a program and have a clear license. Besides the clear license, and secondarily, graduation from a program, employers are also interested in your nursing work history. Clear license, work history, graduation from program.


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