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Anyone accepted to Mesa Boswell Priority placement???


I just got accepted to MCC Boswell priority placement!! I'm super excited!

Anyone else want to share their news?

I'm sooo anxious to recieve more info. Has anyone recieved anything other than their acceptance?


I got my email Nov. 14th

Congrats to you!

Which banner do you work at?

I just got a piece of paper in the mail for registration in the

Spring 2011 for 10 credits. I guess we have to fill it out

And bring it to ------ at boswell so that they can

Register us. Early december is when we should be getting an

Email about our first block. :)


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Whoo hoo congrats congrats!!! I will be going to Boswell in Jan too!!! I just turned in all my paperwork to ------ this morning so she can register me!! I'm nervous too, but it will be worth it!!! :yeah:

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Yay!! Congrats to both of you!! I'm starting to get nervous but I'm still very excited! I've turned in all of my paperwork but I still haven't been registered for class. Do either of you plan on attending the math refresher course the week before class? I'm really considering it. It's been a while since my last math class. I bought all my uniforms and my nursing pack, so now I'm just looking into books. So far Amazon seems to have the best deals. I also bought an ipod to download the first set of books... It's turning out to be a much bigger expense than I anticipated but it's worth every penny:)

I got my nursing pack too, but nothing else yet yikes! I have an iphone 3 that my brother gave me so I'll be using that. Is downloading the books hard? All the unknowns are making me nervous. When and where is the math refresher, that would be a good idea for me too!!! I'm not registered yet either, I emailed --- since my student loans can't be accepted until I'm registered. Do you live close to Boswell?

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I know, it's kinda freaking me out too but I'm trying to stay calm. I'm sure that it'll be any day now. The math refresher will be the 10th and 11th of Jan. It's only for those two days. I too have an iphone but they don't allow us to carry our phones on the floors so I figured it would be a good idea to buy an ipod. I got it yesterday online through the apple store, refurbished for 150. I had to change my schedule around at work so I'm going off of the calendar that we were sent.

I just got an email from --- that I'm now registered :) Where are the math classes going to be?

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Hm. How much is the refresher course? I'm def interested in taking it also.

where is the book list? I've read some other posts and I think people said amazon is the best.

I'm going to buy the unis and pack next week!

Darn I was going I could use my droid as a "pda" but if they don't allow

Phones I guess I'll have to invest in an itouch!

I got hit with the out of state fees! Need to call monday. :(

I got hit with the out of state fees too, but I called today and they took care of it asap. I emailed --- abt the math refresher course and she said she didn't know to check on the GCC website, I couldn't find it, so if you can can you let me know too? Did you find out who your teacher is? I got -------. I thought we could use our phones since I was going to use my iphone. Ugh where does it say we can't?? :uhoh3:

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I got an orientation letter from ----- on the 6th of Dec. It inluded NCE214 MO as a math review course. I also got an email from ------------- today saying i was registered but that we wouldnt be able to see our classes until after Fall 2010 semester ends. Let me know if you guys need me to forward that email to you.

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As far as the iPhone it just says that it is recommended that we purchase an iPod because we wouldn't be able to carry our phones at the clinical sites.

I would love the email for the refresher course!

Someone told me no phones on floor. So I figured to be safe

And itouch probably good idea

Im looking at the booklist email, and it says we can download these textbooks

onto a handheld device such as a pda/smartphone/itouch/iphone?

Hm should I just download it to my droid? I'm afraid I'll lose $150 if I'm unable

to bring phones on the floor?

So with tuition,packs,unis, books, roughly how much $ you think?

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"while it is important to be able to network, everyone should be mindful of the following:

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thank you.

I'm still trying to calculate but so far it looks like books might come to about $650ish. Keep looking on Amazon for better deals. Also, craiglist seems to be a good place to find some books. I bought 6 pairs of uniforms for $45 from cl. Sure they're a little used but still in good condition... If you need to buy an iPod, check on apple's website. You can buy an 8gig refurbished for $150.

Ok So I got an email and it says that the refresher courses are for BLK 3 and ugh! :( I thought I read somewhere that we can use the iphone, but we cant use for personal use and that they can check our phones at anytime were on it to see, I have to find where I read it. I emailed a teacher there, about the iphone but haven't gotten a reply yet. As soon as I do I'll let you know.

I don't know how much everything is going to cost, I have a friend who's going into BLK 4 and it adds up she said plus with our uniform we need white shoes, plus the costs of supplies paper binders all this little stuff is added up quick.....

Azstu25: u said previously you got 6pairs of unis for $45

at cl? Where is cl?

I just got back from mcc got my badge and stopped by

the Apparel Pro store and 1 set cost me $45! So

I'm planning on going where you went or buying some on

orientation day like they said.

ill be buying the nurse pack today and trying to find books on amazon.

Cant wait for school to start and meet all of you!

this is the orientation letter that i recieved from our instructor for block 1 that i have copied and pasted. it includes the information regarding the math pre-nursing refresher course. i have edited the letter so that it doesn't include any names or affiliations in an effort to maintain privacy.

welcome to nursing school, what a life changing event!

let's begin to learn about nursing...

i am your primary classroom and full time instructor for spring 2011. i look forward to meeting each of you on the date set for orientation from 0830-1200 for orientation and a course over view. come at 0830 to begin the tour. we will start the orientation at 0900. students will not be able to use the webct class content until the start of the semester, so until then you can email if needed. i've included here our course[color=#3333ff] calendar and some reading assignments for you--which is another attachment.

1. the course calendar. these dates include class, campus lab, clinical lab, exams. fyi: there may be changes related to our clinical rotations in the clinical agency. we have no control about changes in the clinical agency so flexibility is highly important. hopefully you can begin to plan your busy lives as nursing students in 2011. allow time for reading, study, and skill practice. a major goal for nursing students remains keeping your life in balance throughout this journey.

see attachment 1

2. the book list. see attachment 2

it will also be posted on the the hospital student website. most of your books are purchased in the first semester and used as you progress in the program. we are using several publishers and book packages (bundles) with discounts for you.

pda's are required for my class with unbound medicine as the carrier. an i-touch (8 gig. will be ok) is recommended as it has no monthly fees and does not have phone capabilities (phone use is restricted in patient care areas). most of the electronic resources in the pda down loads are reference books. these downloads are good for one year and will update info throughout the service period. not all books have electronic versions. these will be used in both class and clinical. the itouch is recommended as no service contracts are required. you may choose a smart phone. check with your phone carrier and the requirements for unboundmedicine.com, nursing central to be sure that your device can be used. an alternative service provider is skyscape, requiring a fee.

students should not buy any books until the spring 2011 book list appears on our website, book editions frequently change therefore, students should obtain the most recent edition of text or resources required. print the text reservation form and your book list and either fax or take the text reservation form to the college book center. there will also be a specially discounted book bundled price coupon on our webpage to receive a discount on elsevier texts.

3. laptops can be used in the classroom for note taking and access to webct at your college.

4. orientation day. please bring your smile, it time to make new friends and study groups, car pools and develop nursing student coping skills.

down load and read the nursing student handbook dated july 1, 2010, prior to orientation.

you will be asked to sign documents that you have read and agree to these policies as part of orientation.

bring $4.00 cash to buy your scantrons for testing.

5. college email:

a. you receive an email account after you are registered for classes

b. to access your email account, your meid is your user name and you use the same password as logging into your student center. if you need help, call the student information system

c. you will be sent updates and information periodically on this account. it is up to you to check it regularly for messages.

6. uniforms, shoes and nurse packs are needed on january 26th. you may find information regarding uniform and shoe requirements in the nursing student handbook.

7. students often ask, "where do i begin?"

your nursing lectures begin with communications and mental health nursing content. these are the required readings for the first exam. power points and class discussion and activities from webct (as soon as you're enrolled in the class and the site is open) will help you learn these concepts.

a. another email will contain readings for communication, mental health (psych nursing)

b. additionally pharmacology math content, in brown & mulholland, math calculations read chapters 1-4. we will cover this and more the first 1-2 weeks of lab. this content is also on the first exam. ** if math anxiety is a condition you have, please sign up for the gcc class, nce214 mo. this course is usually offered during the week prior to the first day of class. we will not be offering this mini course at this site.

c. for the clinical lab portion of the course, in wilkinson, fundamentals vol.1 and 2 text books: safety hygiene and vital signs are a great start. specific chapter assignments for this book will come in january. the new addition is not out yet. my suggestion is only buy the new edition.

the semester will be filled with exciting challenges and rewarding experiences. i look forward to working with each of you in the classroom, campus lab, simulation and the clinical agency very soon.

happy holidays and safe and healthy new year to all!