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Anybody try Hurst's Elevate course?

Hello to all. I am new in this forum and this is my first post.

I will be taking my NCLEX this late July and have enrolled/subscribed in the following:

1. Kaplan's live online lecture

2. Hurst's core content review

My books are:

1. Saunders NCLEX RN

2. Kaplan's drug handbook

3. Priority Delegation and Assignment by LaCharity

4. Various downloaded study materials from the internet

I have been looking at Hurst's Elevate course and wondering if it's worth it. Has anybody been enrolled in this course? If yes, what are your thoughts on it? I am sort of hesitating because I feel that it's redundant and maybe I didn't get that much information on the course.

Also, are there any suggestions on books that I should buy in addition to what I have?

Any inputs will be highly appreciated.


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I have all those books. I also did hurst and Uworld. Honestly, Uworld was the most helpful. I passed in 75 questions

First thing you need to do - get a refund for all those books and courses. you won't need them.

Second thing and most important - GET UWORLD AND STUDY EVERY QUESTION(s)! That's all you need. You're welcome!

It makes sense to me. Thank you.


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