anybody here taken clep test for soc!!


Hi all taking the clep test for soc on the 23rd of july. I've gotten the clep guide and text book. Any tips for passing!!

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I took the clep for human development, which is somewhat similar to the sociology exam from what I understand. I suggest studying your clep book carefully and also purchasing the official clep study guide (available for download online at Good luck!

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I too am taking the CLEP this month for sociology. I am using the College Network sociology book, and now am getting a little worried that the test won't be the same as what is in this course book. Anyone else out there take it?


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Moved the thread to the Distance Learning/Independent Study Forum, since CLEP is a credit-by-exam taken after a period of self-study. General Nursing Discussion is for posts that don't have any other appropriate forum.

Good luck, guys!

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Where is the Distance Learning/Independent Study Forum ?????

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You're in it now. Just scroll to the top of the page and click "Distance Learning" to bring up other topics in the forum...

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