Anybody really watched those J&J nursing commercials?

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Just wondered how much they paid those nurses to say those the one who says, "I never have a bad day!"

What I want to know is....where does that chick work?




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Yeah , I know what you mean. What a load of crap. At least be honest. I would promote nursing by focusing on the self-satisfaction of meeting challenges and the comraderie (sp?) with other nurses. I would focus on the "You too can make a difference" slogan.

I went to a fabric store yesterday and the woman cutting my fabric started talking to me. She asked what I did for a living. When I told her I was an ER nurse , and like so many other people I talked to , she right away replied " Oh I could NEVER do what YOU do! It takes a special person to do THAT job !"

I know she was complementing me but it bothers me that so many people do this NEGATIVE SELF TALK. They limit themselves unnecessarily. If you believe in yourself and that you can do anything you put your mind to, and BELIEVE you can make a difference, then you will. Otherwise you won't.


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Some people could never do what we nurses do. At least she was being honest. I can imagine how many nurses went into this profession for another agenda and is no long in the profession! I could never do psych nursing and I truly admire the ones who do. I have some friends that told me Oh! I could not do that! So be it they are doing what they want. Everyone doesn't want to be a nurse. Just think I couldn't do what she does, customer service yeck! Secretary work done it hate it. Don't like being a gopher!


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I've seen the commercial once or twice (I like my computer better than TV :D ) and the woman who said "I never have a bad day" kind of bugged me, too. Otherwise, I like the commercial.

Back in 1990-1991, I was looking into a career change to nursing and at that time, there was a great "BE A NURSE" commercial that sort of looked like the opening sequences of ER when they list all the actors-- all blurry and full of action-- very inspiring, almost like a recruitment ad for the armed services. In fact, seeing that commercial was one more factor that inspired me and helped in my decision to become a nurse. I hope the J&J ad also inspires people to consider nursing as a career...

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