anybody in ISNAP?


I am with the program 1 year now. I just recently quit a dialysis job I absolutley hated and am having a very hard time finding another job. I am so desperate that I am about to take a job at a LTC facility and not tell ISNAP. I know the consequences could be horrible but im desperate. Has anyone ever been in this situation and worked without telling ISNAP? what happened?


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What is ISNAP? And working in LTC is not always such a horrible thing. I used to think it was, but my nsg home is great.


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I would suggest that you do what you know is right and responsible.

Your best bet is to follow through with the program and perhaps talk to someone from ISNAP about your problem finding a job. ISNAP's first priority is patient safety. If you are working without informing them, they could take it as you being noncompliant and putting patients at risk.

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