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Anybody else burned out?

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I am in third semester clinicals, which is the hardest clinical. I exit out to take my PN-NCLEX this December. I will be going back to finish my ADN, it's only two more semesters. Just wondering if any one could share some tips on staying passionate, b/c honestly I'm starting to question if I'm in the right field. I was really passionate and excited up until this semester, but balancing two clinical courses, a household, job, and every thing else is wearing me down. I hope I just feel this way b/c I'm stressed and tired and not because I picked the wrong profession. Any one else feel the same?


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Not trying to toot my horn, but check out this thread, it may help you out.

You are obviously in the right area because you are already concerned about your future. School may be hard, but look around you, it is completely do-able! You will do just fine, but hang in there. You'll make it!

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Once school is over things will become less stressful for you. Just hang in there, because you will regret later on if you quit now.

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